The Thoreau

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The Thoreau est noble et bon dans son essence. Il est l'homme parfait, vivant la vie telle qu'elle était destinée à vivre. Il incarne la tranquillité, la productivité et le sens. Il s'épanouit dans la nature mère, est un phare de la praticité et crée des méthodes de survie pour l'esprit et l'esprit.
The Thoreau is noble and good at his essence. He is the perfect human, living life as it was intended to live. He embodies tranquility, productivity and meaning. He thrives in Mother Nature, is a beacon of practicality and create methods of survival for the mind and spirit.

The Thoreau are limited edition eyeglass frames, part of Prive’s exclusive Philosophers collection. They are equipped with Anti-Blue Light technology, protecting your eyes from the damaging effects of screen use from electronic devices. Created with Ultemate PEI lightweight steel, these frames are featherlight, weighing next to nothing and are flexible to the point of bending in half. The Thoreau are manufactured in the highest quality acrylic in order to protect lenses from scratch and impact, guaranteeing ultimate durability. These frames are innovative not only in design but in make, having customized barrel hinges, highest grade screws in nickel silver, and lenses with maximum optical clarity. The Thoreau are Women’s and RX-able (available for prescription lenses).

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